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Sender Richard & Elaine Yorktown VA USA February 2017

Greetings David, Just a quick note for your "feedback" page to thank you, again, for all you did for us in the purchase of the seven beautiful button/boot hooks listed on your "Silverdale" website.  They are all in wonderful condition, especially considering their age.  Your photos are terrific, and your descriptions "right on" !  It is a genuine pleasure doing business with you again, and we look forward to finding more treasures on your great Silverdale site.  We are indeed "hooked" !Kindest regards ,Elaine & Richard


Sender Janet, Cape Town SA  December 2016

I have been a collector of buttonhooks since buying the first two in 1960 near Leamington Spa......but this is the first online purchase. What a pleasure it has been. David is amazing........helpful and patient, especially as the posting to South Africa is definitely not without many hazards, on our side that is. The buttonhooks arrived well packed and looking exactly as shown on the screen. Loved the clear photographs and descriptions. They are a great addition to my collection, and I will definitely purchase more from Silverdale, but in future will have to do so via my daughter in Sydney, as I see her annually and will have to wait patiently to claim them. Many thanks to David and Silverdale....janet


Sender The Puppet Museum, Netherlands May 2016

   Purchase of a Mr Punch silver handled buttonhook for Museum display.


Sender Iain, Barnstaple, June 2015


Dear Silverdale,
I have reached the age and state of feebleness when I can no longer pull my shoe laces tight without assistance. This puts quite a strain on the button hook and I have already broken two modern devices consisting of a small cup hook screwed into the end of a length of doweling. The hook simply gets pulled out of the handle with use.
The answer would be a really strong old button hook and I have been looking through your wonderful stock list. I have shortlisted two: Ref. 2832 a very nice looking little hook with an agate handle but would the join between shaft and handle be strong enough?
The other one was Ref: 2793 a Victorian stag's horn handled tool which looks very strong as the shaft appears to be sandwiched between the two pieces of horn and bolted through like a knife.
What would you advise? I would prefer the agate one if you think it would be strong enough but will happily settle for the stag's horn one if there is any doubt. I will pay through PayPal and will await your advice.
Many thanks, Iain

Reply from Silverdale

Hello Iain & thanks for your enquiry.

I frequently get similar requests for buttonhooks suitable for “modern use” & can understand  your problem. Both items would be suitable: the agate one is strong & a very attractive tactile handle but  the stag horn more masculine & would never break as the steel is forged in one piece. Let me know if you wish to proceed and I will send you a PayPal money request.

From Iain,

I am delighted with the button hooks just received. The pretty little agate-handled one will sit in state on my dressing table for use on high days and holidays while the horn-handled one, rather like the "poor bloody infantry", may not look so fancy but will probably end up doing most of the work! Thank you so much for your help and advice; what a fascinating and civilised little niche market you are involved with.


Sender Jill, Somerset, February 2015

Just a line to confirm that my order has arrived safely; it was beautifully packed and all the items are fine.  Many thanks again,

Best wishes, Jill


Sender Theresa. Inverclyde, Scotland January 2015

Items received this afternoon. Delighted with both sets and I am sure my daughter and future son-in-law will love to have them to use on their wedding day. Thanks again for excellent service, 



Sender James, Arizona USA July 2014

Hello David. I received the Buttonhooks yesterday. They are beautiful and in fantastic condition. Thank you so very much and best wishes.


Sender Dorothy, Perth, November 2013

Hello David,

Many thanks for buttonhook received today, just love it!  It's so pretty and tactile.  I haven't been collecting buttonhooks for very long so thanks for the info about The Buttonhook Society, which I will give some thought to.
Once again thank you for your prompt and very helpful services,

Kind regards


Sender Nina, Verona, Italy October 2013

Buongiorno David

Having received  my first buttonhook purchases from Silverdale Buttonhooks , I would like to offer my sincerest thanks and compliments . You made the whole process simple and efficient - all delivered in superb packaging. Moreover, the buttonhooks were exactly as shown in the excellent photos and descriptions provided on your website.

You made the experience pleasurable and the first of many to come. I would highly recommend your services . Grazie.


Sender Rock, Arizona April 2013

 Hi David, The lot of seven trench art button hooks arrived today. As usual as with all of your items they are extremely nice. A fantastic selection of various styles, sizes, and everyone is totally different than another. This is my forth or more order from you and just like the rest it exceeded my expectations.

Thanks from out West,
Arizona that is,

Sender Paul, London January 2013

I have finally had the chance to use my button hook(s), after a number of my planned rides were cancelled owing to the poor conditions, and they were perfect. They are the right size and made buttoning the breeches really easy. Additionally, I think the styles chosen are well suited for horse riding.


Sender Wendy, Long Beach California, December 2012

Thank you so very much, David, for your efforts on my behalf. It is very exciting to see how beautiful the collection looks up on your web site. The whole process has been great fun and I like learning about each piece.  I received the money and it went very smoothly. I want to thank you for all your work with this project. It was a lot of fun for me to see how beautiful the hooks turned out and the history of each piece

Sender Sharon, Hertfordshire November 2012

Hi David,  Just a few lines for you to add to your web site. 

I first discovered Silverdale Buttonhooks over the Christmas holidays of 2011 as i was looking to sell my fathers collection after he passed away in 2005. I have been eternally grateful for all the help that you David have given me in selling the collection. I would not hesitate in recommending Silverdale to anyone with a similar collection to sell. 


Faith, Geelong, Australia, October 2012


I received my 2nd lot of button hooks and as always are exactly as described and packaged superbly. David has been so helpful and so obliging , he will do whatever he can for you. He is a true gentleman.  I have found Silverdale Buttonhooks to be not only a fantastic place to purchase buttonhooks but it is also a wealth of information. I spend a lot of time browsing the sale items to learn what is out there. You would never find this information or pictures any where else. The archives is my favourite place as there is so much to read about and all the previous button hooks that sold. I love looking at all the pictures. David has truly put a lot of time and love into this site and I for one find it an incredible place to learn and of course to shop. I am a new collector of button/glove hooks and I am so glad I found Silverdale Buttonhooks!  Thank you so much for your time & devotion David

 Regards, Faith


Sender Lesley, Bradford September 2012

Yes, I did find your site through Google – using the search buttonhook.  There were a couple of sites which had “modern” buttonhooks but then I saw yours.  I don’t regularly buy buttonhooks – this one is especially to use when I’m dressing my niece in her bridal gown but it is lovely and I shall keep it – I have two other nieces!.The navigation of your site was fine – took a few minutes to realise what “on hold” meant (but probably because I was having a “senior moment”).  The only thing I might suggest is that the thumbnail photos are made a little larger so that before you click through to the larger photos you can see the item a little better.  But to be honest, it wasn’t at all laborious and I was using an iPad so just made the thumbnails larger in any event before going through to look at the detail of the item.  I loved the introduction to buttonhooks too and it was interesting to read the history. As I’ve said, I am delighted with the buttonhook – its condition is exactly as described and your service was very fast (apart from Royal Mail letting us both down!).  I would definitely recommend you to anyone who might be looking for a buttonhook.  If you do ever decide to venture into other items, I’d like to hear from you.

Many thanks once again.



Sender Lori, Rochester USA July 2012

The button hook arrived today. It was exactly as shown on the photo and will be used to hook all the many buttons on the back of my daughter's wedding dress on August 4. Thank you for your efficient service.

Sender Roger, Arizona, USA April 2012

Your shipment of twelve button hooks arrived today. This was a mixed lot of various styles of button hooks. As usual they are of the best quality and extremely nice condition. They are also nicer than they looked on the computer screen. Thank you for all of your hard work in getting them to me. They are a great addition to my collection.

Sender Kim, Melbourne, Australia February 2012

Hello David,
Your last consignment of 2 parcels arrived safely today. Superbly packaged as always. I am now on first name terms with the Australia Post delivery man.
Buttonhook design encompasses just the most amazing liberation of ideas & talent & material & skill. Beautiful & functional.
Thank you once again,
with best wishes,

Sender Clive, Solihull November 2011

The button hooks arrived safely today. It has been a pleasure buying from you.
Kind regards, Clive


Sender Ivor, Birmingham July 2011

Hi David,

The buttonhook has arrived safe and sound, I am very pleased with the item and hope to do business with you in the future, kind regards and best wishes, Ivor 

Sender Julia, Wiltshire July 2011

The button hook arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it .Pity about the #2382 glove powderer, I did not know that such a thing existed!  If you get another, I would be very interested in purchasing it. Regards, Julia 

Sender Val, Surrey June 2011

Hi David,Very pleased with buttonhook - thanks for dispatching so promptly.  Hoping it's going to work well when it comes to doing up my daughter's wedding dress next week! Regards Val


Sender James, January 2011

First may I confirm arrival of my package today with enclosed folding penknife type buttonhook by James Alexander.   Many thanks for excellent service and quick responses at all stages of purchase. I am not a collector but interested in "James Alexander".

Sender Rachel, Surrey January 2011

Many thanks for the very smooth, easy and efficient transaction. Unusual buttonhooks with a very good service and communication through emails, arrived within 2 days of payment. A pleasure to do business with.

Sender Judith, Warwickshire March 2010
QUESTION from Judith, Warwickshire
 This maybe an unusual enquiry but I hope you will be able to answer it anyway! My Mother is having trouble fastening buttons on her clothing and having tried a button hook from a healthcare company we have  
decided that this was not the solution. We wondered if a slim antique button hook/glove hook would be suitable and would be grateful for your comments. Do you have such an item that would be slender enough  
to slip through quite sheer fabrics and relatively small buttonholes? Look forward to hearing from you
REPLY from Silverdale
Thanks for your enquiry which is not as unusual as you might think!
I have supplied antique button or glove hooks in the past for exactly the same reason as you describe. If you look at the Buy Buttonhooks Page on my web site you will see a number of buttonhooks & glovehooks with small hooks suitable for small button holes.
The only question that remains is how well can your mother deal with small handles? Generally, the smaller the hook end the smaller the handle.
A good middle of the road suggestion would be item ref Nr 2333 because the handle is not too small & the hook is 9 mm in diameter, is this small enough?
Item ref Nr 2312 is very similar in dimensions.
If you need a smaller hook end then item Nr 2319 has a hook end of 6 mm but the handle is correspondingly smaller.
Let me know if that helps.
Following the arrival of the 2 button hooks Mum has become very proficient at blouse buttons with the help of the smaller button hook and larger cardigan buttons with the aid of the larger hook so I think we can safely say the purchase has been a success.
Thank you for your assistance with this - it has certainly helped her to keep a little more independence
with kind regards

Sender Keith, Lincolnshire April 2010
Comments I needed a buttonhook for daily use but didn’t want a modern one; I prefer items with character. I found exactly what I wanted on this site and the service was excellent. Highly recommended.

Sender Janet, Suffolk April 2010
Comments Very smooth, easy and efficient transaction. Very good communication and information .A pleasure to do business with .Many thanks..

Sender Audrey, Cheshire March 2010
Comments  I have bought several button hooks from Silverdale & have always been very satisfied with the items. They are reasonably priced with excellent descriptions, good emails & prompt service. I would recommend this seller to anyone looking to buy button hooks.

Sender David, Essex March 2010
Comments As a collector of buttonhooks I find the Silverdale site an extremely valuable source of quality items often of the more unusual variety. The service provided is extremely friendly and ultra efficient  and has the added benefit that as the price is fixed those wishing to make a purchase do not have to worry about being outbid  at the last minute as on other internet sites .It is a service I will continue to use, certainly as long as I wish to add to my collection and look forward to many future purchases.

Sender Angela, South-west England March 2010
Comments My experience of using the Silverdale website has been very positive.  The pictures are clear and the close-ups of any specific points to note,  together with accurate and detailed descriptions, leave the buyer in little doubt.  Purchases arrive promptly and are well packaged for transit through the post. 

Sender Bob, Hampshire July 2009

Silverdale buttonhooks sold a collection of buttonhooks for me, a selection of approximately 300 in almost every category of material from silver & gold to agates, brass figurals & enamel.

Because of the size of the collection, they were put on the web site progressively over a period of weeks leading into a few months but I was able to monitor how the sale was progressing & the prices realised. I received the proceeds from the sale each month less the expense of photography, site management etc.

Silverdale undertook all the photography, listing, general administration post & pack and agreed prices with me for each item in advance of placing them on the web site.

Eventually, the whole collection was sold with the majority going to established buttonhook collectors, many from overseas.

Their service and advice was most helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy, and I have no hesitation in recommending as a web specialist for button hooks.